I just got back from Megacon, and overall I would call it a success! It went by pretty fast this year which was odd. Well not entirely, because Friday night through Saturday morning turned into a black hole of horrible as I fell into some sort of vertigo and stomach bug all at the same time. Probably the first time in my life that I genuinely thought I would have to go to the ER. But that leveled out after my good friend Mike went and got me some medicine. I managed to make it to the show and be present for the whole thing haha. Sunday I woke up feeling excellent and that got me back on track.

The photo above is courtesy of my friend Chris Wharton, who is an AMAZING artist, and you should check out his work! I had to use his photo, because I’m the worst person in the world at taking pictures at events.

Above are the guys I was tabling with/hanging out with this weekend. Chris Wharton on the left, (me in the middle), and Michael Regina, another super talented artist and storyteller, on the right.

When I wasn’t dying, the show was a blast! I got to meet a few Webtoons fans which was great! Hoping to meet a lot more of you all as the comic grows and I attend more shows in the future =)

Thanks to everybody who came by to see me and I look forward to see you all again, hopefully soon!